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The Tennessee Valley Infrastructure Group, a Chattanooga-based wind and solar energy developer, has already built the biggest wind power installation at a military installation in Texas. TVIG's sister solar energy firm, American Helios Contractors, is also building the biggest military solar array in Arizona.Read More


17.5 MW Ft. Huachuca Solar Project - Tucson, AZ

Size/MW: 57,420305wBYD modules/17.5MW capacity; Type: Shoals NiceRackFixedtiltracking; Description: SMA 850 inverters, underground collection system and 13.8kv tiein;  Developer/EPC:  E.ON Climate and Renewables

2.75 MW PVSP Solar Project - Coalinga, CA

Size/MW: 4,940SEM330 modules/ 2.75MWDC capacity; Type: Sun Edison Gestamp singleAxistracker; Description: SMA 500 and 720 inverters, underground collection system and12.47kv tiein;  Developer/EPC:  Sun Edison

3.6 MW Berkley Solar - Berkley, MA 

Size/MW: 12,002PVmodules/3.6 MegawattDC capacity;  Type: RBI Fixed tiltracking;  Description: AE Skid mountinvertersand 13.8kvtiein;  Developer/EPC:  ESI

2.07 MW Salinas Valley State Prison - Salinas, CA

Size/MW: 6,556 PV Modules/2.07 Megawatt DC capacity   Technology: MEMC 315w Type: SunEdison A90 single-axis tracker Description: SMA 500kW inverters. 12.47kV underground collection system and behind the meter interconnection

1.31 MW Soledad Correctional Training Facility- Salinas, CA

Size/MW: 4,368 PV Modules/1.31 Megawatt DC capacity   Technology: MEMC 300w Type: SunEdison A90 single-axis tracker Description: SMA 500kW inverters. 4,160V underground and overhead collection system and behind the meter connection

12.7 MW Valencia Solar - Tucson, AZ

Size/MW: 44,640 PV Modules/12.7 Megawatt DC capacity   Technology: Canadian Solar and JA Solar 295w Type: Terrafix single-axis tracker Description: Eaton 1.65MW inverters. 13.8kV underground collection system and interconnection

200 kW Valencia T&I Solar - Tucson, AZ

Size/kW: 162kW single-axis Solaria tracker system and 17kW Semprius dual-axis tracker with string level inverter technology and 13.8kV tie-in.

50 kW QBotix Solar - Tucson, AZ

Size/kW: 50kW dual-axis tracker system with string level inverter technology and 13.8kV tie-in.



In addition to these American Helios projects, our management team has built 12 wind projects across the US totaling over 700 additional MW of capacity.


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